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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Living at the Speed of Light

As I was driving along down the expressway, going somewhat over the speed limit, I was amazed that other cars were passing me like I was standing still. Now I'm not a stickler for doing the speed limit, but I do believe in being in the neighborhood. As the cars sped past me, I wondered what was the big hurry.

Then I began thinking that driving isn't the only part of our lives where we're moving fast. Whether it be at work, at home, at school, our lives are moving so fast that they are becoming unrecognizable. We are always in touch, always on the go, rushing toward...what?

A challenge I am making to myself (and to anyone else who cares to take it up) is to spend a few moments each day stopping, being aware, focusing, taking a bit of time to recompose, take a breath, feel truly alive.

Rushing through our lives we forget all the little things that can be so very important. We also forget about the other people out there. Because of this, there's a certain loss of humanity. Going through the motions of life isn't enough. Do we notice that the car going a bit slower is being driven by an elderly woman who is probably not comfortable driving on the expressway? Do we notice the person behind us pushing the stroller as we enter a mall? Do we notice the people working hard behind the counter of our favorite coffee shop as we wait for our order?

Why do we need Christmas music before Thanksgiving? Why were Christmas trees competing with pumpkins just a few weeks ago? A "Lite FM" station has started their "all Christmas music, all the time" programming already. I don't want Christmas to be less special. I don't want to forget about Thanksgiving.

I have been going for walks around the park and noticing the other people, the animals, the trees and sky. Life doesn't have to be lived at the speed of light. There is more to life. Look around and you'll see it.


Roonz said...

Great post DW! I wanted to stop by and say hello! I couldn't agree more with slowing down and actually experiencing life! Take care and hope you're doing well!

dw said...

Just noticed you posted here, roonzie! I'm doing well. Good to see you again! :)