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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The other day I came across a reference to postmodernism that discussed the nihilism associated with it, the loss of self, the loss of values--but it also discussed the positive progressive aspects of the postmodern, that which lets go of what was lost, to move on, to move forward, to look at new possibilities.

These words spoke to me deeper than anything has in a long time. Loss is something we all experience in life--loss of friendships, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of self respect. There are many things I have lost in my life, and I realize I've been carrying around the sadness of those losses, the burden still on my shoulders even though I cannot do anything about it. I believe it's time to let it go, to free myself, to move forward toward new possibilities.

When I think about new possibilities, I get caught up in the language--Master the possibilities, the commercial said. But the commercials have also shown us the truly priceless things in life--being with friends, being with family, enjoying simple pleasures, smiling at the sunshine, enjoying the quiet patter of rain, finding joy in things others may seem strange. There are new possibilities out there for me, and for you.

Some losses are not so easy to release. Parts of those losses will be with me always; they are so deeply ingrained in me that to release them would also mean losing part of myself. I need to find a way to make these special losses different, to make them there, but not there, sad, but not sorrowful, a part of me, but not evident, releasing the pain, not the loss. That, too, is a new possibility, of accepting some things that I cannot change, but not letting that prevent me from moving forward, from opening my life to new possibilities.

Master the possibilities--master the challenge--possibilities open up when we jettison those things that are lost. I'm not waiting for these possibilities to come and find me. I'm going out to find them. Life is in here, but it's also out there, bring me that horizon!

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