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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day Two Trying to Get a Schedule

Hi there, Rainy's mom here. I want to tap the vast knowledge of all the pug pawrents out there for some advice. I know this is only day two at home (well, really it's just been 24 hours now) and I know that coming into a new situation there will be housebreaking issues. All that said, I don't know what the best way to housebreak Rainy. She's a year and a half and has had housebreaking issues before. Yesterday she pooped twice inside, both times by the gate I have set up when I was out of the room. This morning she peed in the same spot, on a towel that was there, again, she started when I was out of the room. Then after a half hour plus walk -- where she sniffed everything, butt sniffed a couple other dogs (quick Rainy note here, Pierce the Boston was real cute, but he was bigger than me and I was a little scared of him; but his butt sure smelled good!) but didn't poop or pee, I crated her so I could take a shower and she pooped in her crate, just one piece, but with part of it pushed out through the wire (yes, I switched to a wire crate so she could see me better; bad idea?). Apparently she didn't get the memo that dogs don't dirty in their crate (and yes, there's no extra room to have a separate potty section of the crate). I've taken her out on the balcony several times and stood with her, but she only peed out there once and that was yesterday. Any suggestions or ideas on how I can get a handle on this to know I'm at least starting to do the right thing? I know puggies can be stubborn, and she certainly is, but I know they can be least most of the way? I want to be a good puggie mom to her, but need some assistance from the voice of experience! Thanks in advance! Woof bark, I want to be good for mom, really I do! Thankie for advice to help my mom!

(Just a note, Rainy was good last night in the plastic crate. She whined some but then quieted down and only got restless when I got up to go to the bathroom at 5:15. I took her out to the balcony, but she didn't do anything and she then went back into the crate for another couple hours with just a little whimper and then she was fine until I was getting up.)


Benny and Lily said...

Let me tell you lady, I was adopted last year. I pooped in here like 4 times and did pee pee. Mom was about to ship me back to Pittsburgh (Not really). She use to say "NO" very loud. Then she said a bad word 4 times. When she thought it was time to P or poop, she kept saying like 239 times, "Pee pee, poopy outside." We went out and when I went it was like she won the lottery. She hugged me, kissed me and kept telling me 143 times how great I was. After one week, I finally got it. Whew..
Benny (& Lily)
Good luck Rainy

houndstooth said...

Sounds like some separation issues. Try leaving a t-shirt or something that smells like you (that you really don't care much about) with her and see if that helps calm some of her anxiety a bit.

Yoda & Brutus said...

Take treats (small training treats) with you when you take her out to do her business and then when she does anything outside give her a treat. Positive reinforcement.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Tweedles -- that's me said...

when my mommy takes me outside to go potty- she sings the peee peee pooo pooo song to me, and after I turn in circles 30 times i usually sqaut and go. then mommy gets very happy. In the house moms watch me like a hawk and constantly talk to me, and if i get a little restless or start looking around- they say lets go outside and go peee peee, so of course we do and then i get a treat everytime i go pee pee.
It does not matter if i was outside 10 minutes ago- sometimes i can go again,
sometimes i can pee on command- then i get a treat. It sounds to me like someone never spent the time with her during her life to teach her what was good or bad. She may have been neglected?
She is confused. Does she drink lots of water from excitedness?
It just takes time and lots of patience. You are on the right track- by asking questions.

Pugsley and Lola said...

Hang in there!! Your creat will become your "HOME" before you know it:) We LOVE our creates.

Pugs & Kisses
Pugsley & Lola

P.S.-We have made some very special Valentines for our special dog blog friends and would LOVE to send you one:) Would you email our mom(Heather) your address and we will send you one!!?!! (

agent99 said...

Sounds like Rainy isn't convinced she won't be left alone again, hence the poops when you her behind the gate. Not sure how to handle this, but I agree it is a separation issue. As for the crate, don't give up. I've also heard trainers suggest that poos should not be cleaned up in the dogs sight, not sure what that's about.
Pugs are very stubborn, so keep up the frequent walks, and treats for correct behavior.
For bad behavior, I prefer the mustard bottle water squirt - it's non-violent. After a while, all I had to do was pick up the yellow mustard bottle and bad behavior immediately stopped. Plus, everyone has a mustard bottle in their house, so there is always one no matter where you are.
Mom to Gen & the Foo

Stubby said...

Hi dw & Rainy! Love the new title of the blog. I just hope the rain doesn't scare Rainy away.

Unlike every other pug, I rarely get treats after I do my business. I'm not sure why this is but I'm starting to get a little mad about it. I'm a good boy and I deserve treats for being one.

I wish I could provide some insight into the potty issues but I don't have any. Like Tweedles, Mom and Dad watch for signs of my restlessnes. I also stand in front of the door if I have make pee-pee or poopy. I agree with everyone else that you are doing the right things and that it just takes patience.

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: Like Pugsley & Lola, I would like to send you a Valentines Day card. If you would like to receive one, please email Mom via FB.

Hank said...

Yep, will definitely take more time. I agree with the others that at this point she is probably afraid of being left alone. Continue to spend lots of time with her, and make a big deal out of it when she goes poo poo outside.

She just needs more time to realize you're never going away!

PS Hank is 10 and a half and completely house trained but will occasionally take a dump inside if he feels I'm not paying 100% attention to him (like when I have the nerve to do housework!).

Pearl said...

HI RAINY! Welcome to your wonderful new home!!!

DW, I think you are doing everything right. Establishing a routine takes time, and I think when Rainy starts to realize that everytime you leave, you DO come back, she will be less restless.

As others have said, try using 'cue words'. Ours is 'go potty'. Momma says it ALL the time when I am outside, and when I do it she freeeaaaks out and hugs me and gives me treats. These days when she says 'go potty', I can do it on command because I know what it is.

Keep up the good work. The first few weeks with a new doggie are always the hardest!


Schwang said...

I think the more you have her on a schedule it will be better. Our dogs only get food/water in the morning and at night so their bodies are used to our walk routine. Positive reinforcement is good when she goes. If it's separation anxiety there are other issues...we know a really good trainer out here in Chicago. He works mainly with pitbulls which are really stubborn dogs.

Anonymous said...

Positive reenforcement! Everytime you go to take Rainy oustide tell her to go pee or poop or however you want to say it. And when she goes, lots of praise and maybe a little treat (carry some in your pocket for potty breaks?).
And lots of patience and vinegar to clean or spray the area where she had her accidents.

Houndstooth had a good idea, a tshirt you have worn would be good too, we did that with gus and switched it out once a week so it wouldn't get ruined or anything.

Don't worry it will probably take some time, but be consistent with her. We do walks every day at 630am, 4pm and 10pm (short, long, short) and then if they sit at the door and whine or pace then they go out to pee usually. Indy usually lets me know now when it is time to go out and they start to get antsy.