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Monday, November 11, 2013

Giving Thanks, the Tenth

 If you were lucky enough to have family around when you were growing up, you know that family recipes are precious things.  It's that bread grandma used to make, and the special side dish your aunt made that made the holidays, and all those other weekend days with family, mean so much.  And it's a way to remember - the scents and tastes of food bring back memories and can be a strong connection to tradition.

I'm thankful to have family recipes, many on those little index cards (and in a little metal box made for them), but some scribbled on pieces of paper, tattered and stained from cooking.  You can find so many different recipes on the internet that some people feel why worry about saving those cards, those scraps of paper.  But it's not the same.  Sometimes you really need to follow the recipe exactly (or as close as you can get when the recipe gets a bit iffy) to get that taste right.

If you have family around, get those recipes.  More important, cook or bake with your family - see how they do it because some recipes don't include all the little tricks they'd do.  Keep the recipes and keep the memories.  I'm grateful that I have some that are very special and making them and eating the results remind me of all the good times and the good people who have been in my life.

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