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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Giving Thanks, the Third

Humans have long been hunter gatherers, only these days the hunting is done in the grocery stores and the gathering is done taking everything out of the car and into the house. We are blessed to have an abundance of food in our stores and for most of us, on our tables.  We have supersized our meals and snacks (and in many cases ourselves). And yet there are those here in the United States who don't have enough to eat, who don't know where their next meal will come from. And we've heard more of that in recent days as the stimulus that increased the food stamp program comes to an end.

Today, I am thankful for the food on my table - today was leftover butternut squash in a sage brown butter sauce over pasta, and some shrimp with cocktail sauce. I try very hard to not throw food out, to make sure I check the back of the fridge and the back of the pantry to not have 'old' food (though I know the sell by or best by dates aren't written in stone). As I try to eat healthier I am trying, though with limited success, to use less processed food, buy more fresh food - the kind that doesn't last too long.  If you've ever watched House Hunters International, you know that many European homes have very small refrigerators - usually about the size of a kitchen wine cooler.  They go out for what they need each day; they don't store huge quantities of food; and they walk a lot - and don't seem to have the obesity problem the United States does.

I will continue to try to appreciate the food I have and be thankful for the abundance around us, but do so with proper portion size, fresh food and less junk.  It's easier to appreciate what you have when you don't have excessive amounts.  And I will also try to share, through the Greater Chicago Food Depository, with those who don't have enough, who are thankful each and every day for the food they have because it's such a struggle to get.

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