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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Questions, Questions, Calling Puggie People for Answers

As promised, I've got more questions for all you pup pawrents out there. It has now been one week since I brought Rainy home and she's kinda sorta gotten into a routine with potty. By recording when she pottied, I figured out when I needed to watch for signs that she needed to go, so that part is going pretty well. She doesn't seem to mind pooping right on the concrete of the balcony and pees sometimes on the pee pad, sometimes not, but thankfully all her potty is done fairly close to the drain on my balcony, so I can wash it down quite easily. I got a boot tray and tape a pee pad to it which seems to be working. But now we've got a new question.

When I've been out of the house I've crated Rainy. She used to be very reluctant to go in her crate, but is getting a little tiny bit better because there could be a treat in there (well, at least some kibble). She sometimes cries a little when I've just left the condo, but today I didn't hear her cry at all when I was leaving. The issue seems to be when I come back. Now I have no clue how she is when I'm not there, but when I come back, she goes crazy! She spins so in the crate she rocks it around and is oh so very excited when I let her out. I've started to not make a big deal about letting her out, because I read you don't want them to think that getting out is the best part of it. Anyway, my question is twofold, perhaps. Does this get any better? Is this just because she is still realizing this is her home or is this just what a pug will always do? I know they are velcro dogs, but seriously, this little one is going to drop from excitement when I come back. What do you do with your pups when you're out? Or perhaps I should phrase that a different way: What did you do with your pup in the early days, those first few weeks he/she was a part of your family? Once again, Rainy's not a puppy -- she's a year and a half -- but I just hate to leave because it seems like it probably stresses her out a lot. I also crate her when I shower and today she cried, softly at times and a little more loudly momentarily. I just hate to put her through the stress, but I don't trust her inside yet when I'm not around to leave her loose.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas, whatever would be appreciated. I'm trying to learn what to do as a first time dog owner, but I'm also dealing with a crazy little puggie here! Thanks in advance, peeps!

Oh, on another note, Rainy got a very nice Valentine card from Pugsley and Lola!! Thank you! We'll try to get a picture to post tomorrow!


houndstooth said...

We use a baby gate and keep the girls in just the living room and kitchen while we're gone. If you have a small room, like a kitchen or bathroom, that you could try leaving her out in, that might help. She might also be calmer crated in your bedroom while you're gone. That room will carry your scent the strongest. Some dogs respond well to a DAP dispenser, too.

If you have a webcam on your computer, you could try leaving it on to see how she does when you're gone.

Yoda & Brutus said...

Yoda & Brutus used to get very excited when we came home. They don't get crated anymore, but I have found that just ignoring them for the first few minutes has made them much calmer when I come home. I like Houndstooth's suggestion of using a baby gate or putting her crate in the bedroom.

Cindy (Yoda & Brutus's Mom)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its me Tweedles
I may look like one cool calm little puggie. But I am not.
I am lucky to have someone home with me during the day. However supposing mama goes outside and then comes back in- I act like she has been gone 100 years. The only way to distract from all the excitement is to take me out to go pee pee.
I am not crated at all because I had a fit and moms are afraid I would have a heart attack. And I carry on barking so loud that my moma almost needs head phones.
I am definatly a "little different".
I am not like the perfect little angel that moms had before me- but they love me anyway.
When mommy goes to shower- well, I go in the bathroom with her, and lay on her robe. Then sometimes I peek in the shower curtain to see if she is still there and not gone down the drain.
You have such a big heart and I know your trying to do the right thing.
We are all different- just like people- and what we have been through in our lives affect us,
I love you for caring so much,

Stubby said...

Hi dw! I'm not crated anymore but I was when I was Rainy's age. I had a big huge metal crate and there was no way I could shake it. I think I get more excited now when they come back from being away because I shake and cry.

Mom and Dad had baby gates to keep me in the kitchen and family room when I wasn't in my crate. For some reason they didn't trust me to roam the house.

Maybe Rainy still has separation issues that she's dealing with. It's only been a week and us puggies need time to adjust. Just keep doing what you're doing because it sounds like you're on the right track.

See you in a week!

Stubby xoxo

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Well we have always used baby gates. We would gate Sequoia in the kitchen when gone until she was housebroken (she had a peed pad in the kitchen to use). Now she wonders freely in the day. But Tuni is an old lady and does better baby gated in a jack n jill bathroom (two doors) and perfers her privacy from Sequoia during the work days. It lets her have freedom and nap without being totally stuck in one spot. We leave Tuni water, a bed, toys, and a treat before we leave her in the bathroom too. She has a pee pad there but never has used it.

If I shower Tuni has to be on the bed in the bedroom next to the bathroom with the tv on, it seems to come her and she naps while waiting for me. She is a rescue too and has really bad seperation anxitey. This helps her a lot being near me.

Hope this helps!