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Monday, February 15, 2010

You Took a Piece of Me With You

Last week I posted about the conflicted feelings I was having about having Rainy here. After much thought and prayer, I decided to surrender her back. She was a sweet and adorable puggie, but she was too much for me to handle and just wasn't a good match. We went to the NIPRA Valenpug party, and met Stubby and Gen and Foo, and Rainy had a fantastic time running around with all the other puggies (and a few non-puggies) and crawling on anyone who happened to be on the ground. As it turns out, yesterday she found what may be the perfect home for herself. There was a couple who had two boy puggies and had planned to adopt a little girl pug. They had the home visit and everything was set, but the foster decided to keep the little girl. They saw Rainy and decided she was just the little girl to take home. They even had a Valentine picture taken with all three dogs. Seeing how much Rainy loved to run and play with the other pugs, how very much she was enjoying herself, I knew a multi-pug household would be good for her. It was a very difficult decision and there is most definitely a piece of my heart that went with her, but in the end, I know I made the right decision...for me, and for her. I will always treasure the two weeks she spent with me.

The drive home was difficult. Though I knew it was the right thing, I was hurting. And I also thought about what I would post, how I would tell everyone that Rainy now had a new home. When I first starting following the pug blogs, I found Shelby's at Go Pug Yourself. The next one I found was Salinger. From there, I followed people who commented, and followed his sidebar blog list to find so many other great pug and other dog people. In many ways I was also concerned that I had betrayed you guys, that you would think I had given in too soon, that I should have taken more time to become a good pug mom. I only hope you will understand that I did what I thought was best, what I felt I had to do. You have welcomed me into your blogs when I didn't have a dog, when I was looking and thinking and learning. I'm going to take a break from looking for a dog, to give myself time to reassess what I can handle, what type of dog might be good for me, but I hope you will still allow me to be part of your little group, even as an honorary dog mom, as S-dog's mom put it.

I heard from the NIPRA rep, that they had heard from Rainy's new mom, that she had a good night, not a peep out of her, and that she was settling in with her two new brothers rather well. I think that she is where she was meant to be and perhaps her journey through my life was what was needed to get her there. I will always treasure the Valentines some of you sent Rainy, and she will always have a place in my heart.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

You listened with your heart.
You wanted it so bad
You waited for the moment
and Rainy came
to you.
You loved her
in the rain
in the sun
for a short time.
You wanted your heart
to believe it was ment to be
You wanted to feel it,
you wanted it so bad
and on a rainy day
she came
and rainy loved you
and you loved her
and now,,,,
sometimes you will cry
when you remember her
especially when it rains
You will remember the rain
that touched your face
You loved her until
the right home came along.
She will not forget you.

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh is LEAKING from her FACE!!!!!!!!

You made the best decision for both of you and no one could ever fault you for that!!! We're sure sweet Rainy enjoyed her time with you and is settling in nicely.

OF COURSE you have to stay in our circle...even if you have a goldfish!!!



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khan't top what Tweedles pawed -

Things happen fur reasons -

You had Rainy and that allowed her to find the perfekht furever home -

If woo hadn't had her, who knows...

Sometimes the best decision is the one that hurts the most...


Tweedles -- that's me said...

And Dw-I had to think somemore!
please don't go away from us! We will always love you.
You did the right thing- you helped Rainy find a home just right for her.
I wish I coulda had Rainy as a sister- bit it was too far to get her to Oregon.
You did the right thing.
i love you

Yoda & Brutus said...

I think Tweedles said it all with that wonderful poem.

Please continue to visit and comment on our blog - we would miss you if you didn't!

You did the right thing, both for yourself and for Rainy.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Melissa and Emmitt said...

dear dw,
i am sending you all of my love and hugs.
you did the right thing and followed your heart. i am very proud of you for doing that.

you saved miss rainy and brought her to a wonderful home.

everything always happens for a reason. you both touched each other's lives in a beautiful and positive way.

every puggy has a different personality and energy level. what is right for one home, will not work for another and this is true of all things.

there is a doggie out there for you and you will find each other one day when you are both ready.

thank you for taking in miss rainy and sharing her with all of us.

i feel your experience was one of fostering a heart and through your courage, made all of our hearts grow bigger.

melissa and emmitt

houndstooth said...

I've never had a pug, but I've been active with greyhound adoption for some time. I think it takes courage to admit that it's not a good match. Sometimes it's a situation that just needs work and sometimes it's better to just part ways. I hope you find the dog that's perfect for you!

Pearl said...

Oh DW,
We will never EVER fault you for making a decision that was best for you and Rainy. It was a brave and mature decision, and I applaud you for it. Rainy is in a place that is better suited for her high-energy and I don't doubt that her time with you was filled with love.
You are a part of our community here- with or without a pug. You have in no way betrayed us!
I'm sending you big hugs and encouragement today. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are wonderful!

Pearl & mom

Schwang said...

I think it's so hard to admit when it's not working out. The same thing happened to us when we were looking for our second dog. We fostered another pitty for about 3 weeks and everyone was counting on this adopting to go through, and we felt like we were really letting everyone down if we didn't do it. We tried really hard, but in the end we realized it just wasn't a good fit. It had a happy ending, I saw the dog with it's new owner running down the street, and we were able to adopt Mr. B. It sounds like Rainy did get a good home that will be a better fit for her. Sometimes we just don't know what we're looking for; I was looking for an active mutt without a trace of pitbull and I ended up adopting Miss M. who is a lazy pitbull. Sometimes just going to the events you can find that fit. And sometimes it takes awhile. I know a lot of rescue groups here in Chicago if you want to know more...

Lex said...

Oh Dw you haven't betrayed us at all. Unfortunaltey it didn't work out, plain and simple. I am sorry it hurts to give Rainy back but you needed to do what was right for you and what was right for her.

Lots of hugs...

Sequoia & Petunia said...

You did the best thing for Rainy and we can't imagine how hard it must have been. It sounds like she found a great home. We will miss her but maybe some day there will be another little furry friend to send comments too!

Many hugs to you!

Arlo the Pug said...

Sometimes when we fall in love, we're only meant to fall in love for a season, and I really believe that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Don't lose heart! All of us bloggers still love you and understand. You're our friend! Love, Arlo.

Winston (smilingpug) said...


We haven't visited for a while and have just been catching up. All though this is very sad about you and Rainy we do believe in cause and effect. Here you are taking her in for two weeks, to realize that this isn't for you. You had the opportunity to try it and realize what you need. In the meantime in that two weeks another family eventually came into your life who were looking for a pug. This resulted in a happy ending for Rainy. What if you had not taken in Rainy. You would not have had the opportunity to realize that a dog might not be best right now and that family may not have had the chance to take her in. Some people take in dogs and they shouldn't have them, the dog suffers and the people are unhappy. You realize your situation up front and did what was best for both of you. How very courageous to make that decision. Sometime in the future it will be the right time for you but in the meantime you can live through the lives of our pug's blog and that may just be enough for you.
It is better to have loved and let go than to never have loved at all.

Winston & Lise

Hank said...

Hi, DW -

Your post and everyone's comments say it all, so there's not much I can add.

I hope you're feeling a little better today, and you are ALWAYS a part of this group!



Stubby said...

Hi dw! I'm so glad I got to meet you and Rainy on Sunday. You are both so special and I'll never forget the time we spent together at the party.

Everyone has already put into words what I too feel in my heart. Things just weren't meant to be with Rainy and it takes a big person to admit and let go. I hope you're feeling better today about your decision knowing that you made the right one.

You are part of our circle of friends, pug or no pug. I hope you'll still continue to follow our crazy lives as we will yours.

Stubby xoxo

Pugsley and Lola said...

What a PUGTASTIC pug parent you are!!! You did what was best for Rainy and that is awesome. We still want you to stop by our blog and say HELLO. You will always be part of the "Pug Parent" circle.

Pugs & kisses
Pugsley & Lola

Tee said...

Hello there,

I totally emphathize. Sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to make esp. when you have your heart already attached.

I had to rehome a German Shepherd whom I fostered (found him lost) when he started tearing at the smaller dogs (the two basset hounds the the four Fur Kids).

We had him for about four months. When I found him he was so skinny I was afraid he would just keel over ... but he was such a lovely boy (with me that is). I nursed him through various sickness from tick fever to whatever fears he had (he got very anxious when it came to storms). Was thrilled when he started to look like a healthy german shepherd only to have him jump on the other dogs (he got mighty jealous). Had to break up fights daily ... and had to organize separate their daily romps. The worst was when I got accidently bitten on my knee (on both sides) when Donny and Anna (the resident Doberman) didn't want each other to sit too close to me.

Luckily we found him a home with a family with a couple of kids. They absolutely took to him. He's alot happier now that he doesn't have to compete for attention ... seems he's become a house pet.