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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving 2010 - how did it get here so fast? Weren't we just putting away the Christmas decorations? Wasn't it just summer? In the blink of an eye it arrived. Before falling fully into the Christmas frenzy once again and coming up with those New Year resolutions, it's time to look back, to remember, and to give thanks.

I am thankful for the food I will have on my table today, a warm, dry, safe home, the love of friends and family even though they are far away this holiday. I am thankful for being able to go off and explore this year, in Harper's Ferry, in Acadia, in St. Augustine and appreciate the beauty of nature. I am thankful for a hockey year that was capped off by a Stanley Cup; though winning isn't everything, after so many years of living that line, it's nice to experience the joy of victory. I am thankful to have met several friends this year in person, at a Valenpug party, at a CrystalCon in Pittsburgh, at a date-night dinner in Florida; each new friend touches me, making me a better person, taking a little of me and leaving a little of themselves. I am thankful for the time I had with Rainy and the lessons learned; she will be in my heart forever and because of her one day I will have a forever pup. I am thankful for memories of those no longer here; their spirit lives in memories and carries on in the little things I do each day that I learned from them. I am thankful for the plans we are making for two family trips next year; travel not only provides interesting things to do and learn about different places, it provides life-long memories and quality time with family. I am thankful for the struggles, some big, some small, throughout this year; they have strengthened me and given me a focus on what is really important. And I am thankful to everyone reading this, for letting me express myself, for welcoming me into your world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

October Trip Pics

At the beginning of October, I drove down to Florida to visit with family. Our first order of business was to pack up the camper and drive up to St. Augustine and Anastasia State Park. While in St. Augustine, we went to a Greekfest, visited the lighthouse (the inside of which was the teaser picture the other week!), visited Fort Matanzas, and toured Flagler College which used to be the Ponce de Leon hotel and has Tiffany windows in the cafeteria! We had gone to the more famous fort Castillo de San Marcos on a previous trip so we didn't stop there this time. We also did a Ghosts and Graveyards trolley tour which took us to the lighthouse at night and also into the old town jail. Since St. Augustine is the oldest US city, there's a lot of history and a lot to see there. Plus, it has some really nice beaches! Coming back to Central Florida, we went to Birds of Prey in Maitland. The birds were awesome, though I don't think I'd want them for pets! One of the little owls still has its downy feathers and because of a birth defect will never get its adult feathers and therefore never will be able to survive in the wild. It's kept in a box to keep it warm because even in Florida there's cool weather that could harm the little owl. The volunteer there took the time to show us some of the birds close up. After a couple weeks visiting with family, I left, but didn't head straight back home. Where did I go? That will have to wait for the next time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Betty, We Hardly Knew Ye

The world got just a little sadder today as our furiend Betty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Betty was the 'farty Frenchie' part of the Smushie Face crowd and has left us way too soon. I will always remember her as a Smushie with attitude who never failed to bring a smile to my face when I read her adventures with the rest of her Smushie family. If you haven't already, go send a hug or two to the rest of the Smushies who are terribly saddened by the loss of dear Betty. May she rock on with all her friends over the Bridge. It's not goodbye, Betty, it's till we meet again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Other "R"

I have pictures to post from Florida, and pictures to post from Virginia, but we interrupt the regular blogging schedule for this public service announcement. Tomorrow is election day. Make your voice heard; It takes an informed electorate to make it all work. So read up tonight on the candidates and the issues, then get yourself to the polls tomorrow, tell your friends and neighbors to get to the polls. It's your right, but it's also your responsibility. Vote!