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Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Spring!

In just about an hour spring will arrive here in the Midwest.  The sun is shining and the snow has melted and the temperatures are feeling much better than the cold blast we had earlier this year.  And I think everyone is ready for the warmer temperatures. While this past winter was not as bad as the one before (when we became known as Chiberia!), it still had its challenges - including leftover potholes! It's times like this I keep thinking about how much Riley would love to have a yard.  When we still had our snow piles, Riley got to romp in the snow a bit on her leash with a dog who lives on the next block.  The look of pure joy on her face made me smile, and want more of that for her.  So as I start 'spring cleaning' and clearing out a lot of junk, I am also thinking about the future, and perhaps getting that yard for Riley…and for me!