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Thursday, August 23, 2012


This past Sunday I welcomed a new addition to my family.  I had been looking for a pup who would 'fit' for me.  I'd been looking at Petfinder for a little while and hadn't found that special pup.  Then Friday there she was - she was listed with her brother and sister.  I kept thinking about her and finally filled out the application and emailed it to the person listed. She responded that someone was supposed to meet with her that weekend.  If anything changed she would let me know.  I was sad, but I knew I had tried.  Then she sent another email right before I shut the computer down for the night. The people had to go out of town, and they don't hold dogs.  So I went to the vet Sunday morning to meet her - the three puppies had been rescued from a kill shelter in southern Illinois and hadn't been placed with a foster yet.   Her brother was getting adopted right before I got to see her.  She was smaller than her picture - I think her fur made her look bigger, and the rescue person told me she was 5 pounds according to her vet records, not the 7 she had estimated on the Petfinder description. She claimed me immediately, peeing on me, but it was her cuteness and personality that won me over.  She's been here four days now and is settling in rather well for a puppy.  She sleep through the night in her crate next to my bed with just a wimper when I first put her in and then go to the bathroom.  She poops outside but we're still working on the pee.  She has gotten a bit more 'bitey' since she's been here - the rescue person had commented as we played in a room at the vet's that she seemed more kissy than bitey...she's still kissy, but has discovered her teeth.  She's not been destructive, which is good, and I've been trying to correct her when she starts  mouthing something she shouldn't.  And of course she has a carpet full of stuffies she's been showing who's boss.  We start our puppy classes at Petsmart on the 2nd.  She'll be a work in progress for a while, but I'm sure she (and me) will figure it all out.  In the meantime, welcome Riley to my little family!