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Friday, November 2, 2012


Living in a condo I don't get trick or treaters coming by.  But I pull out the decorations I have (mostly Halloween Stitches), I buy a little candy for myself (at least one bag of candy corn is always included) and this year I got to 'dress up' little Riley for the holiday.  Now I'm not much on costumes and Riley's not much on wearing anything (she's not even that fond of her harness), so a tee shirt was as far as we could go. My cousin sent me two shirts for her, one that was new and one that their dog outgrew.  Riley wasn't thrilled, but was much happier when I took them off and she got a treat.  And speaking of treats, we finally got our Pugs in the Kitchen treats in the mail - and Riley tried the Peanut Butter Pumpkin ones and gives them four slurps! As we continue to watch the east coast try to recover from Hurricane Sandy, please remember those who have lost everything, those who have lost a loved one, those who have lost a job or a business.

Friday, September 28, 2012

From Summer to Fall

It's hard to believe it's almost October, almost that time when a chill hits the air, and Mother Nature paints the leaves so many pretty colors! And hard to believe that Riley has been here almost 6 weeks! She came as a 5.2 pound puppy and is now 7.6 pounds and has learned a few things at puppy class, learned a few things at home and learned a few things out on walks in the neighborhood.  Being in the city you wouldn't expect to find as many big dogs as we've come across.  Last week we met a man walking a Newfie and a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Two days ago we met a Saint Bernard. And we've met numerous labs, goldens, a few huskies and mixes that are bigger.  Riley doesn't seem to be afraid of them with two exceptions, both behind fences.  We pass a house with two dogs, a lab and a hound of some kind.  The hound puts her head through the gate rails but it's the lab Riley gives a wide berth to.  And just a couple doors away, there's a shepherd who barks and runs fast to the fence and Riley stays away from that one, too (though I met the owner who said both her shepherds are love bugs).

Riley has gotten used to the noises of the city, though loud bangs still startle her, and she loves to lay out on the balcony in the sun.  She's been pretty good on the balcony, just putting her paws up on the ledge sometimes just to watch the world go by, sometimes to bark at people or dogs walking by.  She's doing well with housebreaking, going potty on the balcony and on walks, and loves to play with her toys (she's got the 'go get it' part down pretty good, it's the 'give it to me' or 'drop it' part that is problematic!).

And I'm getting used to having a puppy around.  I am getting plenty of exercise with our walks, and have lost about 7 pounds since I have to also sneak snacks when I want something.  It's still a work in progress to get a good balance of puppy time and me time, but I'm working on it, and I hope the work I'm putting in with her now will pay off with a good dog as she grows up.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pip's Special Party

So I was checking some blogs and found that we're celebrating a very special pup - Pip! He recently celebrated his 15th birthday! Wow! We hope you had a wonderful celebration of a very special day indeed! Little Riley has a long way to go to reach that milestone, but we sure do hope there was some treats involved!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


This past Sunday I welcomed a new addition to my family.  I had been looking for a pup who would 'fit' for me.  I'd been looking at Petfinder for a little while and hadn't found that special pup.  Then Friday there she was - she was listed with her brother and sister.  I kept thinking about her and finally filled out the application and emailed it to the person listed. She responded that someone was supposed to meet with her that weekend.  If anything changed she would let me know.  I was sad, but I knew I had tried.  Then she sent another email right before I shut the computer down for the night. The people had to go out of town, and they don't hold dogs.  So I went to the vet Sunday morning to meet her - the three puppies had been rescued from a kill shelter in southern Illinois and hadn't been placed with a foster yet.   Her brother was getting adopted right before I got to see her.  She was smaller than her picture - I think her fur made her look bigger, and the rescue person told me she was 5 pounds according to her vet records, not the 7 she had estimated on the Petfinder description. She claimed me immediately, peeing on me, but it was her cuteness and personality that won me over.  She's been here four days now and is settling in rather well for a puppy.  She sleep through the night in her crate next to my bed with just a wimper when I first put her in and then go to the bathroom.  She poops outside but we're still working on the pee.  She has gotten a bit more 'bitey' since she's been here - the rescue person had commented as we played in a room at the vet's that she seemed more kissy than bitey...she's still kissy, but has discovered her teeth.  She's not been destructive, which is good, and I've been trying to correct her when she starts  mouthing something she shouldn't.  And of course she has a carpet full of stuffies she's been showing who's boss.  We start our puppy classes at Petsmart on the 2nd.  She'll be a work in progress for a while, but I'm sure she (and me) will figure it all out.  In the meantime, welcome Riley to my little family!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Tuni

This is Rainy sent to me by her mom.  Since I don't have a pup of my own yet, I'm including this picture in a tribute to little Tuni who loved her beds! I'm sure she's looking at all the pictures of pups in beds with a smile on her  little face and I hope that her parents find some comfort in all the people who loved Tuni even though they never met her. Tuni can never doubt that she was loved!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

Quechee Gorge

This past Memorial Day I went hiking in Vermont and New Hampshire with the intention of conquering Mount Ascutney.  We hiked it a few years ago in the fall which meant we were hiking through knee deep fallen leaves and the daylight was significantly shorter, meaning the hike was truncated because we needed to get off the mountain in daylight! The trip out east started with a visit to Quechee Gorge and some of the covered bridges that had sustained damage due to Hurricane Irene last year.  With the heavy rainfall from the hurricane and the many smaller rivers in the area, there were natural paths for the water to take, only the water overwhelmed the banks of the rivers, carried debris downstream, and deposited trees, mud and anything else carried along wherever the water crested. Most of the state didn't suffer damage and much of it has been repaired enough to bring back the tourists. The hiking started first with Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire since the elevation going up wasn't as much as Mount Ascutney, then we did Mount Ascutney two days later.  We made it to the top of both mountains and were rewarded with some spectacular views.

One of the damaged bridges

The top of Mount Sunapee

The path up Mount Ascutney

The view from the top of Mount Ascutney

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For Tuni

It's been a rough time lately for the pug blogging community and another little girl has gone to the Bridge. I remember finding The Girls blog and seeing Sequoia and Tuni.  Tuni was such a tiny little pug and had a magical tongue.  She also had a very special friend in Winston.  Yesterday was Tuni's turn to go to the Bridge.  I'm thinking she was greeted by so many from the pug blogging community that she knew she was home and safe. She'll be looking down on her sisters Sequoia and Emma and her parents and her new brudder and making sure they are okay.  Maybe you can help her and offer some words of comfort to her family at this sad time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Raise a glass

Yet another furiend has left us for the Bridge.  This morning it was Hanklin and I'll Tell Ya What   he's gonna be telling his stories, and rolling his eyes and causing happy chaos with all the other furiends that greeted him there. So raise a glass, or a can as the case may be, of some ice cold PBR to Hank! And maybe go give some love and support to his mom and dad who miss their little boy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pink For Payton

May is the month for flowers.  It's the second half of the saying April showers bring May flowers.  It is when you can safely put flowers outside (after Mother's Day, I'm told, so you know you're past the last frost). I don't have a yard; I don't have any ground to plant in; but I do have a balcony, that gets sun for the whole afternoon.  And yesterday I decided it was finally time to get some flowers.  I got some petunias - back where I used to live I would plant petunias in the border in front - they were easy, looked very pretty (even though the white ones would be eaten by the local rabbits) and were relatively easy to care for. I looked and looked before I found just the right ones. And there they were - white petunias that would make difficult rabbit food on my third floor balcony; purple petunias because my favorite color is purple; and pink petunias for Payton.  In a week of Midwest pug events, I thought it was a good time to remember Payton.  I'll see the flowers every day and I'll think of Payton, and her family.  

In the rising of the sun
And in it's going down,
In the blowing of the wind
And in the chill of winter, 
In the opening of buds
And in the rebirth of spring,
We will remember you. 
In the blueness of the sky
And in the warmth of summer,
In the rustling of leaves
And in the beauty of autumn,
In the beginning of the year
And when it ends,
We will remember you. 
When we are weary
And in need of strength,
When we are lost and sick at heart,
When we have joys we yearn to share,
We will remember you. 
For long as we live, you too shall live,
For you are a part of us,
And we will always remember. 

And in the pink flowers we remember Payton, a brave and loyal little pug, and her loving family.  Payton will always be there, always be a part of us because she touched our hearts. And we will always remember. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day

It is somehow fitting that today is opening day for the Chicago Cubs.  With a late winter/early spring that found temperatures in mid-July form, a rebirth was beginning - trees started budding, flowers poked through the ground, the ivy was turning green on the outfield wall and a new management team was in place on the north side.  And this Sunday is Easter, probably the ultimate expression of rebirth.   Spring is the time for waking from a long winter slumber - not the hibernation of the bears but the dreary, sun-shortened days of winter.  It's a time for freshening your home, for a new spring wardrobe and renewed energy as the daylight hours are longer.  It's a time to come alive again, to live fully once again, to permit yourself a fresh start.  Through the difficult days of winter, through difficult days of loss, it is comforting to know that things do get better, that life goes on, that the spring will follow the winter.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Surrounded by Love

One of the most important things we can experience in life is to be loved and Payton was indeed loved.  Though I never had the pleasure to meet her, I knew of her struggle with PDE and the dedication of her mom and dad, and Gammy and Gampy to make her life the best that it could possibly be. Things just were finally too much for her and it became time for Payton to go to the bridge.  Her little body had fought for so long but just didn't have it in her to fight another battle.  But when she left us, she had lived her life to the fullest and had taught us many lessons along the way. And though like her namesake she left us much too soon, she was surrounded by love. May the love she gave back sustain her family until once again they are all united and the circle of love is once again complete. Run free Payton! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Angel at the Bridge

Today sweet Yoda went to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was only 9 years young and his parents don't really know what happened, but I know that sweet Yoda is looking down on them now and will do his best to relieve some of their pain.  His brother Brutus and sister Ellie will need lots of extra loving and attention now for they, too, will grieve.  Go over and offer a little love to his family.  I think Payton's Gampy said it best: Lord, one of your beautiful creatures has come home, please bless the loving family who cared for Yoda until you called. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats of Hope

I'm posting today for Judi, the mom over at SASS. She's facing some medical issues and while I don't know her, offering support is what we do here in the bloggyland! If you have a moment, go on over and offer her some support, and maybe a scritch or two to the kitties.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Last week I was off in Denver and the surrounding environs. There was snow on the ground and some little flakes in the air, but the weather was pleasant and the scenery spectacular! A little hiking, a museum visit and some riding around to enjoy the views made for a fantastic few days. Sometimes we can forget how beautiful winter can be, especially when everyone is promoting trips to warm sunny climates. (Or if you're like me and have family in Florida who were basking in 80 degree temps -- yes, they'll enjoy it, at least until it's spring and the 80's turn to 90's and 100's and they get a $600+ electric bill!) But the crisp weather, the snow on the ground, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and a few days to enjoy it remind me to appreciate each season. This cold, snowy season has its own special joys and the warm, sunny days will, too. But it takes a full year, each season in its own time, to really complete us.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Award!

Yesterday was like most days. I checked my blog sidebar to see who of my blogging buddies had a new post. And as always I take a quick look at my latest post to see if there were any additional comments. Lo and behold I found a comment from Payton who left me a message about an award she gave me!

Liebster means "dearest" in German, and the award is intended to help blogs get the attention they deserve. To accept the Liebster, I must:
1. Copy and paste the award on my blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave me the award.
3. Pick my 5 favorite blogs with less than 200 followers to pass on the award, making sure to let them know.

The 5 bloggers I'm passing this award on to are:

The Southern Fried Pugs Tallulah, Petunia, and Isabelle
Beefy Pug Daisy and Bruce
Brutus the Frenchie Brutus, Carmen and Trevor

Now some of these bloggers don't blog on a regular basis, but all are real sweet and I'm passing this award on so maybe they'll get a little additional encouragement to blog a little more! Thanks for passing the award to me, Payton!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness in 366 Days

I just watched our local ABC news which had a story about a young area man who set a New Year's resolution that may be a bit different - actually, as the story said 366 resolutions. He's doing a random act of kindness each day this year, and with leap year, that means 366 random acts of kindness. Today he was on a corner downtown giving out free hugs. Some of his other random acts this year include participating in an MLK day service activity, sending condolences to parents of a fallen soldier, writing a thank you to a former teacher, mentoring a child, giving compliments to 25 people. Just doing something good for a person, some little, seemingly inconsequential thing, can make a big difference. On his day of complimenting people, he got strange looks and some people who didn't appreciate what he was trying to do. But a woman on the bus saw him and said she was going to give compliments to people, too. When you start something like this, you never know who may be touched by these random acts, even if that person wasn't the intended target of that act. So it got me thinking. What little things can we do? What are some possibles for this young man during the rest of this year's random acts of kindness? Yes, his story touched me. I'm not sure what I'll do, but I know I want to do something. What about you? Can you do just one random act of kindness this year? You never know where it will lead!