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Friday, July 8, 2011

Nobody Gets Left Behind...or Forgotten

The blogger world is a little sadder today with the loss of Lilo. And what makes it even harder is it comes shortly after another grand lady, Molly O'Mally left us. I never had the honor of meeting either of these two fine ladies, but I do know that reading their blogs brought a smile to my face. I remember finding Lilo's blog - Tales of the Great Rock Eater. 'What the heck?' I asked myself. Then I read her story and yep, she ate a rock! On O'Mally's blog I mostly found Hank taking charge, but every so often, O'Mally would wiggle her sweet little face into a post. Now there will be a few less smiles, a few less sweet faces, an emptiness in the blog world. But as with the other losses this past year, these sweet girls will not be forgotten. As a different Lilo once said, Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind.....or forgotten. Lilo and O'Mally were part of the bloggy family, and will not be forgotten.