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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Quickly

My little baby girl Riley is two years old today! It doesn't seem possible that she is two - I brought her home at 3 months old and a mere 5 pounds. We went through housebreaking, baby teeth, meeting other dogs for the first time, meeting a cat for the first time, first toys, first bed, first crate. And now my baby girl is all grown up - and has the run of the house! She's grown physically - she's now a whopping 13 pounds - and she's grown mentally, having been boarded for long weekends, stayed with a family member for two weeks while I was away, traveled to Florida and back a few times, traveled to Georgia and back a couple times and has traveled to Fort Wayne several times. Sometimes it's seemed like time went so slowly, but in reality it seems now like a blink of an eye.  I remember carrying her and walking back and forth telling her it was so hard to be a puppy because there was so much to learn.  And learn she has. She loves her toys, so I splurged and got her a soft tree trunk with three little owls for her to find. Gotta keep that little mind of hers sharp.  So Happy Birthday, little girl! It's been a wild ride, but a great one!  I love you big time, baby girl!

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Pup or a Stuffie?

I found the original listing from One Tail at a Time on for Riley (then known as Laney) and this is what part of it said: 

Though Laney is an extraordinary snuggler (and kisser!) who enjoys being held, she seems to be the most independent of her siblings. During car rides, Laney loves looking out the window and taking it all in. Often confused with a stuffed-animal, Laney's cuteness is hard to rival. 

Riley does indeed love her stuffed animals, some of which she destuffs!  So is she a pup or is she a stuffie?  I'm sure she wouldn't care what she was called as long as there was attention and loving to be had!