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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's Been a While

I still like to play in my bed, mom!

I'm glad the sun shines here, too!

What are these creatures, mom? And can I go say hi? 

It's been quite a while since we posted on blogger.  We've been a bit busy.  Last year we decided it was time to look for a new home, away from the city, away from the garbage and noise.  We found a townhouse community being built in a north/northwest suburb that we were familiar with, and decided that would be our new home.  So we watched as our house was built - first the groundbreaking, then the first floor, the second floor, and finally the top floor with a roof over it all.  We closed on it in late November, but because of the holidays and the travel we do to go see family at that time of year, we didn't move in until January.  Since then we've been in the process of making this house our home.  Each day it feels a little more comfortable, a little more like home.  It's been an adjustment for Riley.  She used to like the balcony that overlooked the busy street in the city - she could look out and see all the people and dogs walking by.  Now she likes to look out the window next to the front door and bark at any movement she sees.  She still likes to sit in the sun by the sliding door, but instead of having a neighborhood filled with people walking around with wires coming out of their heads, not paying attention to the world around them, we get to walk around a new neighborhood where we can see ducks, and geese.  While it's a change, it's a worthwhile change, in my humble opinion.  And I think Riley would agree.